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The last two sections are separately covering FLASH programming for TC2xx and TC3xx. Chip specific behaviors, protection mechanisms, practical use-cases and scripting examples are provided. In this document, the term AURIX is used to designate all TC2xx and TC3xx devices. The procedures and scripts presented in this document are designed to avoid.
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With the Application Kit TC2x4, TC2x5 or TC2x7 it allows to drive a 3 Phase brushless motor. Applications can be developed easily. The eMotor Drive Kit is equipped with a variety of interfaces for position detection and current measurement. Additionally a driver IC (TLE9180) and a complete B6 bridge driver allow spinning a motor up to 50Watt.

AURIX -based development tools . HighTec Development Platform 's powerful wizards support the latest derivatives such as the new TriCore multi-core architectures. It manages project settings and the entire build process for compiler, assembler, linker, and hardware initialization. TASKING Embedded Software Development Solutions provide an. 32-bit TriCore™ <b>AURIX</b>™ -.
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  • The AURIX TC2xx Family architecture consists of up to six independent, high-performance 32-bit superscalar TriCore V1.6.2 CPUs running at up to 300 MHz over the full automotive temperature range. The architecture has been developed according to an audited ISO26262-compliant process and designed to meet ASIL-D on an application level. AURIX TC3xx
  • Worried about the pitfalls of parallel programming on a complex and sophisticated multicore system like the AURIX™? In our 60-minute live webinar we will show you how to harness the power of Infineon 32-bit TriCore™ AURIX™- TC2xx and TC3xx multicore microcontrollers without the necessity of diving deeply into the technical details of this powerful architecture.
  • The first AURIX™ TC3xx superset devices, the TC39x and TC38x were launched in early 2020. The next members of this highly scalable family, the TC37x and TC36x are now available, with an optimized feature set for lower-end applications, plus extended connectivity with the TC377TX. The TC37x and TC36x are also the first TC3xx devices available ...
  • AURIX™TC2xx系列基于单核和多核32位TriCore™CPU,旨在满足最高安全标准,同时提高性能。. - 产品手册. AURIX™和XMC™工业产品手册. 产品手册AURIX™32位微控制器,用于汽车和工业应用. - 数据表. AURIX™TC212 / TC213 / TC214 / TC222 / TC223 / TC224数据表.
  • AURIX™ Multicore. CPU, pipelines, register sets, floating point unit FPU, DSP extension. Memory model, local and global memory units. On-chip bus systems: 64-bit XBAR, 32-bit system peripheral bus SPB. TRAP handling.